Website Maintenance

Relax, I’ve Got Your Back.

I offer custom website maintenance plans that include 24-hr monitoring for a seamless and enjoyable experience for your visitors. You’ll also receive priority care, getting any concerns addressed right away. I’ll take care of the complexities of managing your website’s health, reputation, visibility and traffic.

I pay very close attention to Google’s Quality Guidelines, which outlines the practices that are approved and which are not. These guidelines continuously adapt as users change their websites use and online habits. Your website will be kept up-to-date with these guidelines – which will improve your website’s online reputation.

Meanwhile, you can relax and let your website (and me) do the work for you. Free yourself from any stress and time you would spend trying to do it yourself – I’ve got this.

Proactive, Not Reactive Website Care 

Updating your website is a must. This prevents the site from having vulnerabilities that can be hacked, infected with malware or cause errors on the site. A malfunction will decrease your website’s credibility with your users and it’s online reputation with search providers like Google and Bing.

Your website’s health is really important so I’ll monitor your website’s performance, coverage, mobile usability, enhancements, security and more.

I’ll identify and repair any issues with your site before it affects it’s Google Search rank and online reputation. Your website will not fall off the Google Search rank unexpectedly and without you ever knowing.

I’ll identify and repair any issues Google might find when crawling and indexing your site. These repairs potentially increase your rankings in Google Search results pages while providing a better experience for your readers. I’ll pay close attention to these reports which can improve the user experience and even help drive traffic to your site.

I’ll update your website’s content quickly and efficiently. I can also provide other support like adding newsletters, various blog post, events, and other support. Your website will always have up-to-date content for your readers.

Each client needs a different amount of support, ranging from 1 – 10 hours per month. We’ll talk about how much or how little website support you’ll really need.

As the population changes, so do their online habits. I see how people navigate and utilize your website and interpret that data providing insight into the best site changes. These changes elevate the user’s experience and in turn improving your return on investment.

Ensures that your website is free from malicious spam by following Google’s Quality guidelines to prevent and abide by constantly changing criteria.

If your website ever gets flagged a malicious because of unknown spam, it is very difficult to reinstate your “Safe” status. Spam removal prevents this from happening.

Ensures that your website is free from errors that prevent your website pages from appearing in search results and other Google services like Google Maps or Google My Business.

Ensures that your site is free from Malware and unwanted software specifically designed to harm a computer, a mobile device, the software it’s running, or its users.

A backup of your website will be created to easily repair website and if available, there is a copy of the website saved in your hosting account.

Get 20% Back

You’ll receive 20% off any new projects not covered in website maintenance.

Get a Free Month of Maintenace

You’ll receive one month of complimentary website care when you purchase website care for the year. You’ll get to choose below.

Your Fee

Your maintenance plan is priced individually and only based on your needs. The size and complexity of the website mixed with your business’s needs will influence your monthly fee.

If you’re not sure what your monthly maintenance fee is, please reach out and we’ll go over all the details.

Website maintenance fee is guaranteed for one year. In the event that fees do go up, you’ll be notified in advance.

When Are You billed

By default, you will be billed on the first of each month. You also have the option to be billed yearly (get a month on me) or on an alternate day of the month. You’ll receive a monthly maintenance review and a receipt will be sent to your email on file.

An email for payment receipts (if different than above)?

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